Kim Hyun Joong Asia FM Tour 2012

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Kim Hyun Joong showed up in Beijing with a handsome look.

Kim Hyun Joong’s smile warms people’s heart.

Sohu entertainment news : 13th May, Kim Hyun Joong flew in from HongKong, after ending FM in Singapore and HK, Kim Hyun Joong comes to Beijing for press conference. Officially announcing start of China FM tour ticket sale in Shanghai, Beijng, Guangzhou and Chengdu. After his press conference ended, Kim Hyun Joong sat down to have an interview with Below are the original interview dialogue.

Sohu : How do you feel to stage FMs in mainland China for the first time?
KHJ : Having the first solo FM, i have prepared a lot, very excited. I am also very thankful to fans, that tickets were sold out in 20 minutes. I will return this favour by present the…

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