Kim Hyun Joong Asia FM Tour 2012

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The name Kim Hyun Joong in Hallyu culture today is like a golden plated sign. Yoon Ji Hoo’s morose, Bae Seung Jo’s arrogance, these popular characters are played by Kim hyun Joong, but that’s not the real him. On 9th June, he will be staging a concert in Shanghai, reporters tried to discover the real Kim hyun joong through interviews : a fan of ‘xiaolongbao’, working hard on practicing Chinese, stated that he has a greed over the Chinese market, wanting to collaborate with 3 most popular actresses in Chinese entertainment circle. When camera’s not rolling, he says that instead of being pince on white horse, would rather be a normal man that takes good care of himself. Besides having a close relationship with boss Bae yong joon, his view on love relationship is simple and plain, “my ideal type…

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