Kim Hyun Joong Asia FM Tour 2012

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Latest Edition** — KHJ overslept as he arrived at hotel only in the morning T-T , thus he was not able to visit panda reserve as planned.

The title in my post is different from the original article, I’m not translating the full article, as most of the article talked about factual stuffs we already know. This trans is not word for word matching with article, just a summary.

Source : 大娱网
Eng trans :

Kim hyun joong touched down in Chengdu last night, he has a tight schedule today. He will be visiting Sichuan panda reserve in the morning, to have close interaction with pandas. He will have high five session with fans this afternoon at 4pm, at the same time promote for his concert which will be held tomorrow. 1000 fans are randomly chosen to high five with him from ticket category – 588rmb, 888rmb and 1288rmb.

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